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Windows 10: Plan Desktop and Device Deployment

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know

1. Migrate and Configure User Data

What are user profiles
Creating a roaming profile
Installing the Windows system image manager
Preparing to run Sysprep
Sysprepping Windows
Creating a mandatory profile
Deleting an unwanted profile
Configuring folder locations
Calculate the migration store size using ScanState
Collect files and settings from the source computer
Restore files to the destination computer

2. Configuring Hyper-V

Enable the Hyper-V feature
Create a virtual disk
Editing a virtual disk
Configure Hyper-V
Create and manage a virtual switch
Creating a checkpoint
Create a new virtual machine
Applying a checkpoint
Install a guest operating system
Deleting a checkpoint
Modify a virtual machine
Migrating virtual machine storage
Attaching removable media
Renaming a virtual machine
Install the integration services
Deleting a virtual machine

3. Configure Mobility Options

Working with the Windows Mobility Center
Working with power plans
Create a custom power plan
Configuring power policies
Using the PowerCFG tool
Deploying Windows to go
Controlling Windows to go with group policy
Configure sync center for offline files
Intro to Wi-Fi direct

4. Configure Security for Mobile Devices

An intro to BitLocker drive encryption
Checking for a TPM chip
Configuring BitLocker to work without a TPM
Encrypting a drive
Using BitLocker to go
Enable and configure a BitLocker startup key


Next steps