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WebSocket Programming with Java EE

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know
How to use the exercise files

1. Introduction to WebSocket

Rise of WebSocket
WebSocket usage

2. WebSockets Front End and Back End

WebSocket lifecycle and topology
WebSocket front end and back end

3. Project Application and Structure

Introduction to the project application

4. Java EE WebSocket API

WebSocket methodologies
WebSocket functionality
Annotation methodology
Implement WebSocket lifecycles
Configure the session
Lifecycle logic
Programmatic methodology
WebSocket client API
Code a client API
Challenge: Code programmatic endpoint
Solution: Code programmatic endpoint

5. Messages and Encoding

Use the JSON Processing API
Encoders and decoders
Code the encoder
Code the decoder
Challenge: Ping/pong endpoint
Solution: Ping/pong endpoint

6. Build Web Front End

WebSocket web front end
Build the front end

7. WebSocket Security

Secure WebSocket endpoint
WebSocket security
WebSocket encryption

8. Testing WebSocket Endpoints

How to test WebSocket endpoints


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