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lynda Vulnerability Management: Assessing the Risks with CVSS v3.1

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome to this course
Case study: Red30 technology

1. Vulnerability Basics:
Vulnerability risk assessment
Vulnerability types and their causes
Methods for fixing vulnerabilities
Common terms in vulnerability management

2. CVSS Overview:
Intro to the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS)
Core elements of CVSS v3.1
CVSS v3.1 formula
Making sense of the CVSS vector string

3. Base Metric Group:
The CVSS base metric group
The attack vector metric
How attack complexity affects risk
The effects of the privileges required metric on risk
User interaction and vulnerability risk
Confidentiality, integrity, and availability impact metrics
Security scope in CVSS

4. Temporal Metrics Group:
How exploit code maturity affects risk
How remediation level affects risk
How report confidence affects risk

5. Environment Metrics Group:
Confidentiality, integrity, and availability requirement
Modified base metrics in CVSS

6. Putting CVSS into Practice:
Using CVSS scores
CVSS severity rating scale
Using CVSS scoring in the enterprise
Remediating vulnerabilities
Accepting vulnerability risks

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