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VR Motion Graphics with Unreal Engine


Exercise files

1. Asset Overview

Asset overview

2. Maya FBX Export

Export bell mesh and animation
Export machine mesh and animation
Export pyramid mesh and animation
Export screen mesh and animation
Export platform
Export room
Export rocks

3. UE4 Asset Import

Import enviromnent FBX files
Import bell FBX files
Import machine FBX files
Import pyramid FBX files
Import screen FBX files
Scene assembly
Materials and lighting

4. Scene Building for HTC VIVE

Enable Steam plugin
Database BP
Text display BP
VR pawn BP: Setup
VR pawn BP: Movement 1
VR pawn BP: Movement 2
VR pawn BP: Movement 3
VR pawn BP: Movement 4
VR pawn BP: Material variable
Material blend: Setup 1
Material Parameter Collections
Material blend: Setup 2
Material blend: Setup 3
Material blend: Setup 4
Material blend: Setup 5
Level BP: Trigger boxes
Animation BP 1
Animation BP 2
Animation BP 3
Animation BP 4
Animation BP 5
Wrap up

5. Scene Building for Samsung Gear

Enable plugins
Modify VR pawn BP
Gamepad counter
Modify lighting
Modify triggers
Import geo
Animation BP for machine 02
Animation BP for screen 02
Scene setup
Project settings

6. VR Deployment on Android Phones

Phone prep
Generate osig file
UE4 project settings
Build and install application