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VMware Horizon View 7.5 Essential Training

1. Horizon Architecture
Horizon Architecture introduction
Horizon Client options
Horizon Connection Server
Horizon Agent
Horizon View Administrator
Horizon Global configuration

2. Display Protocols
Blast Extreme

3. Full Clone Desktop Pools
Create a golden image
Full-clone manual pool

4. Linked Clone Desktop Pools
Introduction to linked clones
Linked clone operations
Linked clone disks

5. Instant Clone Desktop Pools
Introduction to instant clones
Anatomy of instant clones
Instant clone operations
Instant clone push image operation

6. Horizon Printing and Device Connections
Virtual and location-based printing

7. Delivering Horizon Applications
RDS host applications
UEM demo

8. Security
Roles and permissions
Unified Access Gateway

9. Design and Automation
Backup and restore
Cloud Pod Architecture