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Visual Basic Essential Training

What you need to know
What's new in this update?
Using the exercise files

1. What Is Visual Basic?
Learning the history of Visual Basic
Understanding the principles of Visual Basic
Learning Visual Basic syntax

2. Getting Started
Installing Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows desktop
Building a simple console application
Building a simple desktop application with Windows Forms
Building a simple desktop application with WPF
Reviewing the course's code testing application
Using Visual Basic documentation

3. Declaring and Using Variables
Declaring variables and data types
Working with data types
Working with numbers and Boolean values
Converting numeric values
Working with strings, words, and characters
Working with dates and times

4. Exploring Syntax and Flow
Using Visual Basic operators
Evaluating conditions code with If, Then, and Else
Using the Select...Case statement
Repeating code blocks with loops
Reusing values with constants
Creating reusable code with Sub and Function procedures
Building a simple calculator application

5. Exception Handling and Debugging
Common compilation errors
Common runtime errors
Handling exceptions with Try...Catch

6. Working with Complex Objects
Using the Object data type
Managing ordered data with arrays
Managing unordered data with Collection
Managing statically typed data with Dictionary

7. Organizing Code
Managing application logic with modules
Defining a custom class with shared procedures
Organizing classes with namespaces
Storing data with instance fields
Controlling member visibility with access modifiers
Using properties with getter and setter methods
Using constructor methods
Defining shared values as class fields
Sharing data from classes with read-only properties

8. What's New in Visual Basic 14?
Check for null values with operators
Embed string literals with NameOf()
Concatenate strings with interpolation
Declare multiline string literals
Simplify read-only properties

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