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Virtual Instruments in Logic Pro X

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you need to know
How to use the exercise files

1. Vintage Vibe

Basic modeling with Electric Piano
B3 drawbars and percussion
B3 FX and advanced options
Basic modeling with Clavinet
Vintage vibe workout

2. Basic Synthesizers

ES M: Oscillator filter and modulation
ES E: Basic sound sculpting with FX
ES P: Basic sculpting and modulation
ES1: Synthesizer
ES1: Advanced effects
EFM1: Basic frequency modulation
EFM1: Basic tuning and modulation
EVOC 20 PolySynth: Basic vocoder setup
EVOC 20 PolySynth: Advanced principles
Synth ensemble workout

3. Samplers

EXS: Presets and basic adjustments
EXS: Modulation
EXS: Instruments from raw audio
EXS: Loop slicing and advanced features
EXS: Multi-output routing
DKD: Basic kits and MIDI mapping
DKD: Advanced functions
Ultrabeat: Factory sound and routing
Ultrabeat: Basic modulation and synthesis
Ultrabeat: Sequencer
Sampler workout

4. Advanced Synthesizers

ES2: Oscillator features
ES2: Filters
ES2: Modulation tweaking and routing
ES2: FX, macros, and other functions
Retro Synth: Oscillators and modulation
Retro Synth: Sync
Retro Synth: Table and FM
Poly synth workout

5. Alchemy

Preset parameters and Simple mode
Working with the Arpeggiator
Sampling modes
Advanced sampling modes
Filters and basic modulation
Advanced modulation
Advanced sequencer
Alchemy workout

6. Sculpture

Introduction to physical modeling
Objects and pickups
EQ, filters, and FX
LFO and modulation
Advanced envelopes
Sculpture workout


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