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lynda Virtual Apprentice: Being a Great Production Assistant (PA)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Want to be a great production assistant (PA)?
Why starting as a production assistant makes sense

1. Job Overview:
What does a production assistant do?
How to find work as a PA
What can a PA expect to be paid?
Additional entry-level jobs to consider
Freelance or staff?

2. Essential Knowledge before a Shoot:
Key personnel you'll work with
Essential production terminology
Being organized for a video shoot
Be aware of pre-shoot tasks

3. Day-of-Shoot Strategies:
Being dressed appropriately for a video shoot
Being responsive during a video shoot
Gear up: Being prepared for a video shoot
On time means being early to the shoot

4. How to Succeed on a Crew:
Be a team player
Know the hierarchy
Anticipate and be alert
Be a positive member
What do you do when everything seems to go wrong?

5. Technical Tasks:
Slate production takes
How to safely move equipment

6. After a Shoot:
You may be the last to leave
Invoice immediately
Think before posting

7. Business Tips:
Ask for feedback
Get support services or training
Keep your résumé and references updated

Closing Advice:
How to succeed and keep learning