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VFX Techniques: Creating Explosions with 3D Layers

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files

1. Overview
Breakdown of the final comp
Setting up the project in After Effects

2. Setting Up a 2.5D Scene
Stabilizing and shadowing the plate
Creating a 3D camera and background sky
Arranging background cards
Reconstructing the castle walls
Re-creating fog
Lighting the cards
Adding CG set dressing

3. Adding Effects Plates and Renders
Integrating a fireball
Working with 3D simulations
Review of tower collapse in Maya
Adding a CG blast
Review of the blast in Maya

4. Combining CG and Video Debris
Layering CG debris
Adding simulated bricks
Replicating wall destruction
Layering larger pieces
Processing video debris
Adapting particle simulations
Review of dust particles in Maya

5. Using Matte-Painted Elements
Building an interior
Creating wall damage
Adding fake shadows
Animating cracks
Layering additional explosions
Adding explosions to the walls
Crafting extra debris

6. Adding the Final Touches
Animating the camera
Adding flares and grain

Looking at the final project
Next steps

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