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VFX Techniques: Creating a CG Flag with After Effects and Cinema 4D

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files

1. Planning the Shot
Collecting reference material
Creating a mock-up

2. Reviewing and Tracking the Footage
Managing noise in the background shot
Preparing the shot for camera tracking
Tracking the shot
Solving and refining the shot
Setting up the environment and exporting 3D camera data to CINEMA 4D

3. Creating the Flag
Building the flag and establishing scale
Building constraints and belts
Setting up the flag simulation
Building a collider object
Caching and refining the simulation

4. Lighting and Rendering
Texturing the flag
Matching the CG light to the plate
Adjusting the texture
Setting up render passes

5. Compositing
Setting up the composite
Compositing the passes
Adding grain and color grading

Next steps