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Using the HealthKit API to Build iOS and watchOS Applications

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Project Setup

What is HealthKit?
Create a HealthKit-enabled project
Enable HealthKit
Authorize HealthKit on the watch
Authorize HealthKit on the phone

2. Create a Workout on the Watch

What are workouts?
Create a Watch UI
Update button to track workout status
Create workout sessions
Start and stop workout sessions
Workout session delegation
Save workout to HealthKit

3. Save and Display Heart Rate

What are queries?
Create a query
Retrieve heart rate data
Save sample data with the workout

4. Display Workout Data on the Phone

Create a phone UI
Display data

5. Activity Rings

What are Activity rings?
Create an Activity summary query
Display an Activity ring on the watch
Display an Activity ring on the phone


Next steps