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Using Neuroscience for More Effective L&D

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Your Brain to Learn to Learn
Using neuroscience in training
What is neuroscience and why is it relevant to you?
Challenges for designing and delivering learning
Challenge: Busting learning myths

1. BASIC Ways to Reduce Learning
B: Boredom, pain, and social isolation
A: Abstract ideas vs. concrete experience
S: Stress reduces learning
I: Information overload gets you lost
C: Cognitive overload is exhausting

2. What Trainers Need to Do for LEARNERS
How to make learning sticky
L: Link learning to make it memorable
E: Emotions motivate and stick
A: Attention is the art of memory
R: Repetition, repetition, repetition
N: Novel ideas are stickier
E: Exercise for brain and body
R: Recall, Review, and Recovery
S: Stories transform data into learning

3. Why You Don't Need to Be a Neuroscientist
Six questions you need to ask about research

Challenge: Busting learning myths