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lynda Using Articulate Rise 360 for Rapid-Deployment Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know

1. Before You Begin Your Course:
Identify your training goals
Gather content that supports the training goals
Build and design your online training

2. Time-Saving Tips and Tricks:
Kick-start your development with placeholder templates
Streamline course development with block templates
Send a copy of a course to other authors
Add content library images to a course
Copy lessons to other courses
Save time by creating courses collaboratively
Duplicate your course
Stay organized with folders

3. Converting Static Content to Interactions:
Converting static content to interactive lessons
Create explorable images with labeled graphics
Reduce bullet points with accordion blocks
Convert emergency plans to interactive timelines
Add decision-making activities with scenario blocks
Engage your learners with video
Use button blocks for performance support
Creating case studies with knowledge check blocks
Add just-in-time resources with attatchment blocks
Use process blocks to explain linear concepts

4. Preparing the Course for Launch:
Publish your course to Review 360
Personalize the course theme
Control how learners navigate your course
Translate your course

5. Share Your Course with Learners:
Share a web link to your course
Exporting your course to host in an LMS
Export your course as a PDF file

Next steps