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lynda Using Adobe XD with the Creative Cloud Apps

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Kick-starting Adobe XD projects with Adobe Creative Cloud

1. Bringing in Photoshop Content :
Opening native Photoshop documents
Placing native Photoshop documents
Importing vector content
Importing bitmap content
Updating Photoshop artwork

2. Bringing in Illustrator Content :
Opening native Illustrator documents
Importing native Illustrator documents
Importing vector content
Using Illustrator's Export panel

3. Using Creative Cloud Libraries :
Saving Photoshop and Illustrator artwork into Creative Cloud Libraries
Saving InDesign artwork into Creative Cloud Libraries
Adding asset metadata
Placing and linking library artwork
Exporting text from InDesign to Adobe XD
Using color swatches

4. Using Adobe Stock :
Finding stock images
Placing watermarked images
Licensing a stock image

5. Saving and Exporting Artwork :
Exporting artwork to Illustrator
Exporting artwork to Photoshop
Batch exporting artwork

Conclusion :