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Unity: AR Visualization 03 Complex Interactivity

Video Introducing this tutorial

Creating collaborative AR experiences
What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Overview
The power of sharing visual information

2. Syncing Space
Overview of the tracker solution
Creating a reference image
The tracked image manager
Accessing the tracked image manager
AR app in action

3. Take Note: Adding Note Functionality
Overview of the note system
Adding the button to the in-world UI
Making the note data structure
Making the note UI objects
Making the Part UI Note script
Integrating the Part UI Note
Adding notes to the in-world UI
Capturing the note with the keyboard
AR app in action

4. Adding Notes to the Save Data
Adding notes to the data structure
Saving notes
Loading notes

5. Welcome to the Data Stream
How to share your data
Getting access to PlayerIO
Installing the PlayerIO SDK

6. Syncing Data with PlayerIO
Create sync UI, state, and methods
Creating your network manager
Connecting to PlayerIO
Starting a multiplayer connection
Testing your multiplayer connection
Creating a message handler
Processing the join message
Working with world state
Sending hide messages
Making your parts relative
Syncing movement
Syncing the addition of notes
Syncing the deletion of notes
AR app in action

Next steps