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Unity: AR Visualization 02 Basic Interactivity

Video Introducing this tutorial

Adding practical functionality to your AR application
What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Overview
Moving towards the digital twin
Project changes

2. Making Your App Usable with UI
Making the UI manager
Making a HUD menu button
Setting up your first menu panel
Designing the main menu panel
Scripting the menu system
Designing the settings menu
Creating the settings script
Driving the settings menu
Wrapping up the toggle buttons
AR app in action

3. It's All About the Data!
How to define data in Unity
Making the Part and PartManager scripts
Making the Part static data structure

4. In-World UI
Screen space in-world UI
Creating the UI Pop-up
Creating the Pop-up script
Altering the AR manager to UI pop-ups
Anchoring the part UI to the world
Finalizing the screen space in-world UI
AR app in action

5. Putting the In-World UI to the Task
Adding a hide button on the in-world UI
Adding the hide functionality
Adding a parts menu page
Adding the show all parts code
AR app in action

6. Moving Things!
Your move strategy
Adding the move button to the in-world UI
Testing your move UI
Adding the axis to the part
Preparing to slide!
Doing the math! The slide formula
AR app in action

7. Saving Your Data
How and where is your data to be saved?
Creating the part dynamic data structure
Creating the save method
Creating the load method
Creating the reset method
Adding the data buttons to the parts menu
AR app in action