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Unity 5: 2D Generate Procedural Terrain

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files

1. Infinite Tiles
Getting an image on the screen
Tiling the images
Randomizing tiles
Working with Perlin noise
Moving the map
Redrawing the map

2. Better Looking Terrain
Techniques for seamless tiles
Simplifying management with layered terrain
Animating water
Adding a character to walk around
Identifying blocked pieces
Aligning blocked pieces
Preventing walking on blocked pieces

3. Biomes
Generating markers
Understanding variant edges
Understanding variant tiles

4. City Layout
Generating city data
Creating a single-building city
Working with multiple buildings in a city
Creating a large block of buildings
Designing city areas
Adding roads
Preventing walking on buildings

5. Inside Buildings
More info on buildings
Marking a building enterable
Changing scenes on building enter
Storing city information
Generating the building interior
Adding the player
Creating a multiroom interior
Removing wasted tiles
Player starts on floor
Adding walls
Preventing walking on walls
Aligning the walls with blocking
Adding a door
Returning to terrain
Step outside from a building

6. Saving and Loading
Editing map
Understanding caching
Caching buildings
Serializing the cache
Testing the serialization

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