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Unity 4: 2D Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files

1. Getting Started with Unity
How to use the IDE
Introducing scripts in Unity
Understanding data structures
Working with properties and methods

2. Working with Sprites
Importing sprites
Cutting up sprite sheets
Cutting up additional sprites
Building animations

3. Creating a Player
Creating a player prefab
Adding collision to the player
Moving left and right
Moving up
Creating a controller class
Changing animations on the player
Connecting up jet animations
Cleaning up the player

4. Interactive Objects
Creating collectable objects
Randomly selecting sprites
Creating a push block
Creating switches
Creating a door and code
Creating the door trigger
Connecting the obstacles together
Creating gizmos
Deadly obstacles
Exploding the player

5. Aliens and AI
Creating aliens that walk
Keeping aliens on the platform
Making aliens attack
Animation-based attack trigger
Enabling aliens to shoot
Working with alien projectiles

6. Making a Level
Building a level
Setting up the camera
Populating the level
Lighting effects

7. Working with Sound
Playing 3D sounds
Playing 2D sounds
Cleaning up sounds

8. Managing Scenes
Creating a splash screen
Switching between scenes
Exiting and resetting levels
Adding a level timer limit
Displaying the time-limit bar

9. Publishing Basics
Publishing overview

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