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Underwater Photography: Macro

Video Introducing this tutorial



1. What is Macro?

Macro underwater
Macro optics
Macro ettiquette

2. Exposure

In-camera histograms
Strobes and the red histogram
Shutter speed and ambient light
Aperture and overall exposure
ISO and overall exposure

3. Lighting

Light and shadow
Key and fill lighting
Shadowless lighting
Directional lighting
Creative lighting
Strobe distance rule

4. Focus

Depth of field
Critical focus
Focus modes
Focus light

5. Composition

Composition basics
Negative space
Background strategies: Bokeh and black
Capturing details: Macro within macro
Strength in numbers
Seeking good behavior

6. Special Techniques

Super macro
Diopters and focal length
Night diving

7. Post Processing

Setting up your Lightroom workspaces
Exposure and contrast corrections
White balance and color correction
Advanced post processing


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