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Understanding Capital Markets

Video Introducing this tutorial

Capital markets and investment decisions

1. Capital Markets Basics
Risk and return in the stock market
Major US markets
The shrinking stock market
International markets
Regulation and the capital markets

2. Stock Markets
What are stocks?
Investing in stocks
Stock market operations
Setting up stock market accounts
The bid-ask spread
Buying and selling in the stock markets
Shorting and going long
Stock market indices
Stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds
Basics of stock valuation
Earnings reports and major stock events
Returns in the stock market
Risk in the stock market
Value and growth stocks
Call options and stocks
Put options and stocks

3. Bond Markets
Bond market basics
Investing in bonds
Bond valuation in Excel
Bond yields in Excel
Three important relationships in bonds
Returns on corporate bonds
Treasury bond markets
Treasury auctions
Municipal bond markets
Municipal bonds and the tax exemption
Bond ratings and municipal bonds
Trading in municipal bonds

4. Other Capital Markets
FX markets basics
Buying and selling in FX
FX arbitrage
Commodity markets basics
Buying and selling in commodities
Commodities and contango

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