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UiPath Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Learning UiPath
What you should know

1. Project Introduction
Introduction to UiPath Studio
Project overview

2. Logging In
Recording a login
Using arguments to login

3. Finding Work Items
Navigating with a URL
Checking arguments

4. Extracting Data
Scraping data
Passing data to a process
Filter setup
Finishing your filter

5. Extracting Details
Extracting work item details
Assign customer information

6. Components
Component templates

7. Working with Webpages
Launching a webpage
Interacting with a webpage

8. Updating Information
Updating work items
Updating work item status

9. Creating a Process
Creating the process

10. Closing Applications
Initialize and close your app
Kill all processes

11. Orchestrator
Introduction to Orchestrator
Orchestrator credentials
Orchestrator assets

12. Orchestrator Queues
Creating a queue
Consuming queues

13. UiPath Framework
Framework exceptions
Framework execution

14. Reporting
Creating a report
Populating a report
Adding a report to the framework

15. Email
Email setup
Sending the email
Sending the email from the process

16. Business Rules
Convert the date component
Building the business rule

17. Final Steps
Running a process from Orchestrator
Wrap up

Next steps