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lynda Trello Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

What is Trello?
Navigating Trello Free, Gold, and Business Class

1. The Basic Features of Trello Boards and Cards:
Navigating the Trello home page and creating your first board
Navigating boards, lists, and cards
Managing board settings and permissions
Managing members, labels, and checklists
Adding due dates, attachments, and card covers
Creating and formatting card descriptions
Moving and copying cards
Communication, notifications, and watching
Archiving cards, lists, and boards
Trello card sharing options

2. More Advanced Features:
Managing Teams boards, members, and settings
Creating and using Trello card templates
Linking Trello cards and boards together
Searching and filtering boards and cards
Forwarding messages to boards and creating cards
Changing your board background image
Trello keyboard shortcuts

3. Power-Ups and Chrome Extensions:
Introduction to Trello Power-Ups
The Trello Calendar Power-Up with calendar integration
The Planyway Calendar Power-Up
Syncing Planyway to Google Calendar
The Card Repeater Power-Up for recurring tasks
The Custom Fields Power-Up and adding multiple due dates
Integrating cloud service Power-Ups: Google Drive, Dropbox, and more
Automating Trello actions with Butler
The Trello Chrome extension
The Pro For Trello Chrome extension

4. Bonus Tips for Project Managers:
Trello and the Kanban method
An introduction to Trello and Getting Things Done® (GTD®)
Trello and GTD®: Organize, reflect, and engage
Trello and agile or scrum
Trello and Gantt

5. Trello for Mobile:
Navigating the Trello mobile app
The most common uses for the mobile app vs. desktop

Where to go from here