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Trapcode Form: Making UI Elements

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction
Learn the core features of Trapcode Form
Trapcode Form vs. Trapcode Particular

2. Getting Started
Examining the project
Making Form do the work
Modifying Designer presets
Working in 32 bits per channel

3. Making the Background
Creating the grid
Creating the aerial overlay

4. Making Components
Creating the oscilloscope
Making the right side vertical bars
Making the data readout

5. Using Layer Maps
Making the status bars
Changing the colors with a layer map

6. Working with Sprites
Using sprites to create the analysis squares
Creating the power supply with sprites
Enhancing with flourishes
Making the lower left audio waveform

7. Controlling Form with Audio
Making the upper left audio waveform

8. 3D Form Objects
Creating the head object
Modifying the head with a layer map
Creating a matte for the edges

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