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Time-Lapse Video: Shooting with the Camera in Motion

What you should know before watching this course

1. Understanding Motion
The benefits of motion
The challenges of motion
Designing the shot

2. Weather and the Elements
Determining available light
Cloud-coverage concerns
Obtaining a permit
Shooting duration

3. Essential Gear
Camera body
Intervalometer selections
Memory card selection
Battery and power requirements
Modifying the camera to reduce flicker

4. Essentials of Motion: Low Tech
Panning the head
Skate wheel
Slider (no power)
Flow-Mow for the GoPro
Adding motion in post

5. Motion on a Budget
Designing the shot
Creating a panning time lapse on a budget
Creating a sliding time lapse on a budget

6. Advanced Motion
Designing the shot
Building the slider
Three-axis motion
Creating a sliding "shoot-move-shoot" time-lapse

7. Hyperlapse
Designing the shot
Hyperlapse: Low tech
Hyperlapse: Medium tech (measuring and marking)
Developing the hyperlapse
Processing the hyperlapse
Stabilizing the hyperlapse
Hyperlapse: Planes, trains, and automobiles

8. Field Recap
Lessons learned
Moving to post-production
Dirty lenses
Organizing footage

9. Advanced Post-Production Techniques
Adjusting the raw files with Camera Raw
Sharpening and noise reduction in Camera Raw
Adjusting the raw files with LRTimelapse ramping
Developing the time lapse with Camera Raw
Using lens profiles
Using Upright
Post moves
Using the camera track to add text
Flicker reduction