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Time-Lapse Video: Shooting From a Window

Video Introducing this tutorial


1. The Gear You Need
Staging the camera
Controlling the camera
Reducing and removing reflections

2. Setting Up the Camera
Choosing the right interval for shooting
The benefits of shooting RAW
How time of day impacts shooting

3. Capturing the Shot
The test exposure
The test sequence
The capture workflow

4. Finishing the Shot with Photoshop
Exercise files
Adjusting the nighttime RAW file
Adjusting the daytime RAW file
Exporting an image sequence
Assembling the shot in Photoshop
Evaluating the shot

5. Developing the Shot with LRTimelapse
Importing and analyzing the files
Color correcting and keyframing
Making lens corrections
Exporting a movie
Evaluating the shot

6. Fixing Common Problems in Post
Distortion and perspective issues
Distortion and perspective issues: Upright adjustment
Details and noise
Time-of-day change

Wrapping up