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Threat Modeling: Spoofing In Depth

Mitigate spoofing threats
Four-question framework
Spoofing as a part of STRIDE

1. Authentication Basics
Account creation
Authentication factors

2. Spoofing Authentication Factors
Attacking what you know
Attacking what you have
Attacking what you are
Attacking where you are
Attacking who you know
Attacking phone authentication

3. Spoofing Hosts
Spoofing a host
Advanced host spoofing
Spoofing the OSI model
What you know in host spoofing
Spoofing TLS

4. Spoofing People
Spoofing a specific person in email
Spoofing a person on a website
Spoofing a person in video and audio

5. Spoofing Files
The nature of "open" and paths
Libraries (LD_PATH, %Downloads%)
Defenses with extra fail

Next steps