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lynda Theory for the Contemporary Guitarist

Video Introducing this tutorial

Theory for the contemporary guitarist

1. Standard Music Notation:
Notes on the staff
Enharmonic equivalents
Note values
Time signatures
Rest values

2. Major Scale:
The major scale
Sharp scales
Flat scales
Keys and key signatures
Cycle of 4ths and 5ths

3. Minor Scale and Keys:
Relative minor keys
Natural minor scale
Parallel minor keys

4. Intervals:
Major and perfect intervals
Minor, diminished, and augmented intervals
Simple intervals
Interval inversion

5. Chord Theory:
Major triads
Minor triads
Diminished triads
Augmented triads
Inverting triads
Slash chord notation
Diatonic triads in major keys
Diatonic triads in minor keys
7th chords
Major 7th chords
Minor 7th chords
Dominant 7th chords
Minor 7b5 chords
Inverting 7th chords
Diatonic 7th chords in major keys
Diatonic 7th chords in minor keys

6. Other Minor Scales:
Harmonic minor scale
Harmonic minor diatonic triads and 7th chords
Melodic minor scale
Melodic minor diatonic triads and 7th chords

7. Modes of the Major Scale:
Modes of the major scale
Ionian mode
Dorian mode
Phrygian mode
Lydian mode
Mixolydian mode
Aeolian mode
Locrian mode

8. The 12-Bar Blues:
The 12-bar blues progression
Soloing over the blues: Mixolydian approach
Soloing over the blues: Dorian approach

Conclusion and credits