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The Traveling Photographer: The Basics

A roadmap for the course

1. Before You Pack: Big-Picture Considerations
The three axes of this series
Pro tip: Be a thinking photographer
Why do you take pictures?
The trip should come first
Pro tip: Every possession is a burden
The difference between traveling pros and traveling amateurs

2. Gear and Planning
Choosing your gear wisely
Pro tip: Lenses in and be aware
Research and planning strategies
Pro tip: Pray for bad weather
Travel logistics: What to carry, what to check
The physiology of travel
Cell phone options and essential apps
Washing clothes on the road
Circadian rhythm
Pro tip: Drop everything for amazing light
Balancing travel with travel photography

3. Travel Photo Taxonomy
Types of travel photos: An overview
The vacuum picture: For just remembering
The moment picture: Taking time to craft an image
The trophy picture: The one for your wall
Pro tip: Restrictions lead to creativity

4. Tips for Interacting with People
The camera as a gateway to meeting people
To focus on people, know your gear
Carry a pocket portfolio and give a print
Watch your body language and make eye contact
Pro tip: The best way to meet people
Pro tip: Be a chameleon

5. After You Shoot
One approach to managing photos on a trip
After you return