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lynda The Power of Lists to Get Stuff Done

Video Introducing this tutorial

The power of lists
The list-making audit

1. Types of Lists to Make You More Efficient:
The business to-do list
The pro and con list
The business travel packing list
Life lists to achieve goals
Meeting lists as time savers
Gratitude lists for productivity

2. The To-Do List Formula:
To-do list best practices
Step-by-step list-making tactics
Digital or analog? The best tools for making lists
What is the difference between a to-do list and a checklist?

3. How to Cross Everything Off Your To-Do List:
How to tap into your personal productivity style to get more done
The art of timing yourself to be more efficient
Outsourcing your to-do list
Best ways to beat procrastination
How to cross tasks off your to-do list permanently

You're the boss of your to-do list