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The New Rules of Work

Video Introducing this tutorial



1. The Rules Have Changed

Why everything is changing
How we used to work
How we used to find work
How we used to learn for work
Why there are new rules of work, learning, and life

2. The New Rules of Work

#1: Do the work you love
#2: Be an adaptive problem solver
#3: Think like an entrepreneur
#4: Work with others to solve a pool of problems
#5: Have a portfolio of work
#6: Build and tend your network
#7: Do work driven by meaning

3. The New Rules of Learning

#1: Become a lifelong learner
#2: Become a just-in-time learner
#3: Have a portfolio of learning

4. The New Rules of Life

#1: Plan for leisure like you plan for work and learning
#2: Retirement is time for renewal
#3: Make time to give back

5. What to Do When the Rules Change Again

How the rules are bound to change
You must learn to continually adapt


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