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lynda The Elements of Effective Photographs

Video Introducing this tutorial

Learn how to create effective photographs
What makes an effective photograph?

1. The Essentials of Composition:
The rule of thirds
Create movement and interest
Foreground, background, and in between
Depth of field as a composing tool
Depth of field and bokeh
Create bokeh with Photoshop blur filters

2. The Role of Color:
Sunrise and sunset: The Kelvin scale
White balance: Beyond natural light
White balance in camera
Use color according to color theory
Color in post
Black and white
Black and white in post

3. Light and Lighting:
The message of light
One-light setup
Two-light setup
See and enhance natural light
Change and replicate natural light
Manipulate light in post

4. Motion:
The role of motion in photography
Camera settings to freeze or blur motion
Techniques for panning
Other ways to create motion
Create motion blur in Photoshop

5. The Decisive Moment:
Peak action
Capture the decisive moment

The importance of research
Plan for your shoot