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The Data Science of Marketing

Video Introducing this tutorial


Data science for marketing
Obtain data

1. Software Installation

Install R
Install Python
Install Tableau
Orientation to UI for R, Python, and Tableau
Exercise files

2. Data, Exploratory Analysis, and Performance Analysis

Overview and case study
Exploratory analysis with R
Exploratory analysis with Python
Exploratory analysis with Tableau
Pros and cons

3. Inference and Regression Analysis

Overview and case study
Regression with R
Regression with Python
Regression with Tableau

4. Prediction

Overview and case study
Prediction with R
Prediction with Python
Prediction with Tableau

5. Cluster Analysis

Overview and case study
Cluster Analysis with R
Cluster Analysis with Python
Cluster Analysis with Tableau

6. Conjoint Analysis

Overview and case study
Conjoint analysis with R
Conjoint analysis with Python
Conjoint analysis with Tableau

7. Best Practices

Agile marketing
Design and conduct market experiments
Stakeholder alignment


Next steps

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