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lynda The Complete React & Redux Course – Build Modern Web Apps

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. React- Going from good to great
2. Installing necessary software
3. What this course covers
4. Why use the React ecosystem
5. Meet the React ecosystem tools
6. Building a React project from scratch
7. The React entry point
8. Supporting ES6
9. The Index.js file and app component
10. Building and serving with webpack
11. Hot-reloading with react-hot-loader
12. Meet the sample app
13. Creating the todoList component
14. Creating the newTodoForm component
15. Putting the app together
16. Why do you need Redux
17. How does Redux work
18. Adding Redux to a React app
19. Creating Redux actions
20. Creating reducers
21. Connecting components to the store
22. Running a React-Redux application
23. Persisting the Redux store
24. Redux DevTools
25. Redux best practices
26. Challenge- Adding a Redux flow
27. Solution- Adding a Redux flow
28. Why do you need Redux Thunk
29. How does Redux Thunk work
30. Adding Redux Thunk to React
31. Creating a thunk
32. The Todos API
33. Async thunks
34. Adding another reducer
35. Refactoring the todos reducer
36. Using thunks to create server resources
37. Using thunks to delete server resources
38. Challenge- Using thunks to update server resources
39. Solution- Using thunks to update server resources
40. Why do you need selectors
41. Creating selectors
42. Combining selectors with Reselect
43. More about selectors
44. Adding selectors to components
45. Why do you need styled-components
46. Creating a styled-component
47. Converting CSS modules to styled-components
48. Passing props to styled-components
49. Extending styled-components
50. Testing React ecosystems
51. Testing reducers
52. Testing Redux thunks
53. Testing selectors
54. Testing styled-components