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The BIM Execution Plan for Architects

Introduction - The Architect's Lean BIM Execution Plan
The architect's lean BIM Execution Plan (BEP)
Digest of the BIM Execution Plan

1. BIM in the Design Phase
BIM or Revit
The architect's challenges
Architect vs. contractor BIM Execution Plans
The facility lifecycle
The data
The BIM Execution Plan table of contents

2. Digital Excellence and Intentionality
The Lean BIM Execution Plan
The architect's role
The individual project
Deliverables and linking strategies
Model control strategies
Digital excellence
Revit startup sheet

3. Modeling Requirements
Basic modeling requirements
Level of development
Design review
LOD matrix
Scope, schedule, budget

4. Coordination and Deliverables
Streamlining the process
Project phases
Model checklist requirements
The permit set
BIM coordination
Lean design coordination meeting
The architect's BIM Execution Plan
Preventing retro-BIMming

Next steps

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