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The Basics of 360 Video

Video Introducing this tutorial

360 video basics
The world of 360 video today

1. Intro to 360/VR
What is 360 video?
How to view 360?
What about 180 video?
Do I really need to shoot 180 or 360?
Consumer 360 camera solutions
Before you shoot, know this
What's spatial audio and do you need it?
Tips for moving cameras
360 video for HD production
360 tools in iOS and Android phones
Hands on with the Insta360 One X
Hands on with the Vuze XR

2. 360 Post
Looking at 360 video in post
Before you edit, know this
What do you mean by stitch?
Options for working with 360 video: Consumer apps, DaVinci, FCPX, Premiere
360 proprietary edit tools
Common 360 problems and solutions
360 plugin landscape
How will you share it?
Additional options for sharing 360 content