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lynda The 52 Best Sales Prospecting Tips

Video Introducing this tutorial

This course was created by Miles Croft. We are pleased to host this training in our library.
1. The 52 Best Sales Prospecting Tips :
What’s in this course?
Sell on emotion
Sound like your targets
Always have a meeting agenda
Be in positive emotional credit
Underpromise and overdeliver
Ask for referrals
Prioritize mobile phones
Be passionate about your product
Use your prospects’ names
Just dial, you’ll be fine
Track common objections
Always be learning
Ask what they want to see first
Remember names
Get feedback from existing customers
Use open questions
Use QAC to keep the conversation moving
Always phone first
Stand-up calling
Imagine your desired outcome
Start with your scariest prospect
If in doubt, dress smart
Track personal connections
Always have a next action
Cold email well
Beware of stacking questions
Have a great elevator pitch
Use mirroring
Learn from friends and colleagues
Know your most wanted
Overcome the price objection
Be assertive and assumptive
Beware of time wasters
Understand and plan for timescales
Shut up and listen
Live by BANT
Sell me this pen
Love what you sell
Give them options
It’s all in the follow-up
Spend your time wisely
Keep asking "Why?"
Balance new and existing customers
Get out there
Smile and dial
Don’t underestimate introducers
Have integrity
Experiment with price elasticity
Compliment your prospects
Be a team player
Know when to walk away