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Tableau 10: Mastering Calculations

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you need to know
Using the exercise files

1. Introducing Calculations in Tableau 10

Define data types and conversions
Define function syntax in Tableau 10
Create calculations using arithmetic operators
Use logical and comparison operators in calculations
Create a calculated field
Create an ad hoc calculation

2. Summarizing Data Using Aggregate Functions

Calculate the sum of a collection of values
Calculate the average, median, minimum, and maximum of a set of values
Identify the percentile of a given value
Find the variance and standard deviation of populations and samples
Count all values or distinct values in a data set
Find the value of an attribute

3. Calculating Values Using Number Functions

Find the absolute value or sign of a number
Round numbers up or down
Find the integer and decimal components of a division operation
Calculate the square or square root of a value
Identify the larger or smaller of two values
Return zero if a calculation includes a null value

4. Working with Times and Dates

Return the current date or date and time
Return the day, month, or year component of a date
Identify part of a date using DATEPART
Add or subtract intervals from dates
Truncate a date
Identify the earlier or later of two dates

5. Creating Conditional Calculations Using Logical Functions

Create IF THEN expressions
Create IF THEN ELSE and ELSE IF expressions
Return true or false values using IIF
Define multilevel conditions using CASE expressions
Manage null values using IFNULL and ISNULL

6. Creating Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions

Create a level of detail (LOD) expression
Create level of detail expressions using FIXED
Create level of detail expressions using INCLUDE
Create level of detail expressions using EXCLUDE

7. Summarizing Data Using Table Calculations

Create a quick table calculation
Calculate a running total or moving average
Add a secondary table calculation
Rank table data
Identify a table row using INDEX
Count table rows from first or last row
Look up values using PREVIOUS_VALUE and LOOKUP
Return the number of rows in the partition
Summarize data within a defined window of rows

8. Managing Text Strings

Convert and measure strings
Find and replace text in a string
Trim and pad strings
Determine if a sequence occurs within a string
Return characters from part of a string


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