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Swift: Writing Testable Code


What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Dependency Injection

Why write unit tests?
What is dependency injection (DI)?
What is a DI container?
What is Swinject?

2. Using Protocols

Using protocols to help with tests
Handling external dependencies
Business logic: Overview
Business logic: Authorization
Business logic: Location provider
Business logic: Speed provider
Business logic: Speed checker
Using Swinject: Overview
Using Swinject: Assemblies
Using Swinject: Assembler
Building the storyboard
Building the view controller
Using SwinjectStoryboard: Overview
Using SwinjectStoryboard: Demo

3. Writing Tests

Anatomy of a test case
Creating mocks: Overview
Creating mocks: Demo
Writing unit tests: Authorization
Writing unit tests: Location provider
Writing unit tests: Speed provider
Writing unit tests: Speed checker
Isolating bugs
Analyzing code coverage
Visualizing test results

4. UI Tests

What is a UI Test?
What to mock
Writing UI tests
Extending UI tests


Next steps