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SVN for Java Developers

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know
Exercise files

1. Concepts and Terminology

Version control benefits: Backups, history, working in teams
Repositories: What where how
Trunks, tags, and branches
Checkout, commits, and revisions
Merging, locking, and working with a team

2. Getting Started

Your own server: VisualSVN on Windows
Your own server: Apache SVN on Mac
Command line client
TortoiseSVN on Windows
SVN integration with Eclipse
Versions of SVN, forwards/backwards compatibility, and links

3. Connecting to a Project

Create a new Java project in Eclipse
Connect to an existing Java Project using Eclipse
Deal with projects that move to a new location
Create/connect using command line
Create/connect using TortoiseSVN

4. Making Changes and Creating Branches

Your first commit: Make a change, make a comment
Update and synchronize
Create a branch using Eclipse
Update your branch with latest changes from trunk using Eclipse
Merge your branch back to trunk using Eclipse
Delete a branch using Eclipse
Create/update/merge using TortoiseSVN
Create/update/merge using command line

5. Tracking Changes and Dealing with Conflicts

Visual diff and history using Eclipse
Find and fix conflicts using Eclipse
Rolling back changes
Diff/conflicts/rollback using TortoiseSVN
Diff/conflicts/rollback using command line

6. Creating a Release

Releases and the trunk
Branches and tags for snapshots using Eclipse
Save compiled code (binaries) in SVN using Eclipse
Releases/snapshots/binaries using TortoiseSVN
Releases/snapshots/binaries using command line

7. Supplemental Resources

Use SVN and git together
Supplemental info and links


Next steps