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SurveyMonkey Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial


What to know before watching this course
Using the exercise files

1. Get Started with Online Surveys

What is SurveyMonkey?
Practical uses for SurveyMonkey
Build a business case for online surveys

2. Build an Online Survey

Steps to prepare an effective survey
Create a new survey
Add multiple choice questions
Add a star rating question
Add other question types
Edit and reorder questions
Customize your survey design
Add additional pages
Get feedback on your survey

3. Collect Survey Results

Choose a collection method
Use the email invitation collector
Use the web link collector
Use a social media collector
Collect and enter responses manually

4. Analyze Survey Results

Close down your survey
View survey results
View individual results
Filter and customize results
Turn off or edit a filter
Share results
Finish your survey


Next steps