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Substance Painter Essential Training

What to know
Exercise files

1. Getting around Substance Painter
Creating a project
Getting to know the views
Navigating and configuring the 3D view
Using the shelf: Filtering content
Using the shelf: Importing content

2. Baking Textures
Baking overview
Using match by mesh name
Baking maps for the gun asset
Baking the ID map
Ambient occlusion mixing
Normal mixing

3. Working with Layers and Materials
Understanding the material workflow
Using effects and blending modes
Working with material IDs
Using Polygon Fill to create masks
Creating a metal material
Adding wear effects using generators
Creating and using smart materials

4. Understanding the Brush Toolset
Understanding the basic brush settings
Understanding the alignment settings
Using alphas and stencils
Creating and saving brushes and tools
Using clone
Using smudge
Lazy mouse and follow path
Seamless painting
Working with resolution

5. Texturing a Weapon Asset
Working on the grip and barrel
Adding wear to the grip
Texturing the handle
Completing the handle materials
Texturing the core
Texturing the base
Adding emissive details
Working with opacity
Adding a decal with the Projection tool
Painting normal detail on the base

6. Exporting Textures
Exporting textures

7. Rendering in Iray
Iray settings
Viewer settings
Setting the camera and post effects

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