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lynda Stream Processing Patterns in Apache Flink

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Stream processing with Flink
What you should know

1. Stream Processing with Flink :
What is stream processing?
Streaming: Opportunities and challenges
Streaming with Flink
Setting up the exercise files
Setting up Kafka
Setting up MariaDB and Redis

2. Streaming Analytics :
Streaming analytics: Pattern
Streaming analytics: Use case design
Streaming analytics: Helper classes
Streaming analytics: Pipeline implementation
Streaming analytics: Results review

3. Alerts and Thresholds :
Alerts and thresholds: Pattern
Alerts and thresholds: Use case design
Alerts and thresholds: Helper classes
Alerts and thresholds: Pipeline implementation
Alerts and thresholds: Review

4. Leaderboards :
Leaderboards: Pattern
Leaderboards: Use case design
Leaderboards: Helper classes
Leaderboards: Pipeline implementation
Leaderboards: Review

5. Real-Time Predictions :
Real-time predictions: Pattern
Real-time predictions: Use case design
Real-time predictions: Helper classes
Real-time predictions: Pipeline implementation
Real-time predictions: Review

6. Use Case Project :
Use case definition
Design of the project
Code walkthrough
Execute and analyze

Conclusion :
Next steps