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Strategic Planning Foundations

Video Introducing this tutorial


1. Before You Begin Planning
Understanding the principles of strategic planning
Avoiding major strategic planning risks
Running a strategic planning process
Managing the tactical aspects of a strategic planning process

2. Defining the Strategic Environment
Assessing the market
Conducting a SWOT analysis
Using the SWOT analysis

3. Setting Your Strategic Direction
Defining the direction
Establishing your mission
Envisioning the future
Generating a vision and mission
Articulating guiding principles and setting goals

4. Determining How You'll Compete
Determining core competencies
Focusing efforts based on competencies

5. Evaluating and Prioritizing Opportunities
Understanding strategic filters
Creating strategic filters
Applying strategic filters
Comparing and prioritizing initiatives
Conducting deep analysis of high priority ideas
Creating a prioritization list

6. Assessing Your Initiative Portfolio
Using a 2x2 matrix
Creating multiple diversification views
Assessing initiatives over time

7. Organizing for Success
Planning resources
Establishing an ongoing prioritization process
Running the strategic planning process

Avoiding common pitfalls
Next steps