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Storyboarding in 3D with Storyboard Pro

Video Introducing this tutorial

Intro to using 3D in Storyboard Pro
What you should know
Where to get 3D models
Sample files

1. Setting Up for 3D Storyboards
Bring 3D models into Storyboard Pro
3D formats
Understanding 3D tools
Stage view vs. Camera view
Navigate in 3D space
Top view and Side view windows
3D Graph window
Convert a scene to 3D

2. 3D Objects in 2D Scenes
Benefits of 3D objects rendered in 2D
Render a 3D object as 2D layer
Reposition a 3D model in a 2D scene

3. 3D Objects in 3D Scenes
Import a 3D object
Position, rotate, and scale 3D objects
Animate 3D objects
Edit 3D subobjects
Change display mode of 3D objects

4. 2D Art in 3D Scenes
Create 2D art on a 3D surface
Color 2D art in a 3D shot
Position, rotate, and scale 2D art in a 3D scene
Edit 2D art in 3D scene
Draw a 3D set with 2D art
Animate 2D art in a 3D scene

5. 3D Camera
Adjust 3D camera position
Animate 3D camera

6. Troubleshooting
Missing 3D when importing
3D model changing size in all scenes
3D import as 2D image not appearing
Top and Side cameras not reacting properly

Next steps