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lynda Statistics Foundations: Probability

Video Introducing this tutorial

Eddie explains that probability is used to make decisions about future outcomes and to understand past outcomes. He covers permutations, combinations, and percentiles, and goes into how to describe and calculate them. Eddie introduces multiple event probabilities and discusses when to add and subtract probabilities. He describes probability trees, Bayes’ Theorem, binomials, and so much more. You can learn to understand your data, prove theories, and save valuable resources—all by understanding the numbers.
Introduction :
The importance of probabilities
1. Introduction to Probability :
Probability basics
Examples of probability
2. Multiple Event Probabilities :
Introduction to multiple events
Probabilities of two events
Conditional probabilities
Probability trees
Multiplication rule
Using probability trees
Bayes theorem
3. Discrete and Continuous Probabilities :
Discrete vs. continuous
Discrete mean
Normal curve
Bell-shaped curve
Z transformation
Conclusion :
Next steps