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SSCP Cert Prep: 2 Security Operations and Administration

What you need to know

1. The Security Triad
The goals of information security

2. Security Principles
Privacy compliance
Employee privacy
Need to know and least privilege
Separation of duties and responsibilities

3. Resource Security
Physical asset management
Change and configuration management

4. Data Security
Understanding data security
Data security policies
Data security roles
Data privacy
Limiting data collection

5. Data Security Controls
Developing security baselines
Leveraging industry standards
Customizing security standards
File permissions
Data encryption
Cloud storage security
Information classification

6. Security Controls
Security control selection and implementation
Control frameworks

7. Assessing Security Controls
Collect security process data
Management review
Security metrics
Audits and assessments
Control management

8. Security Policy
Security policy framework
Security policies

9. Awareness and Training
Security policy training and procedures
Compliance training
User habits
User-based threats
Measuring compliance and security posture
Awareness program reviews

10. Physical Security
Site and facility design
Data center environmental controls
Data center environmental protection
Physical security control types
Physical access control
Visitor management

Next Steps
What's next?

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