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lynda SQL Server Machine Learning Services: R

Video Introducing this tutorial

Analyze SQL Server data with R
What you should know
Make the most of the exercise files

1. Get Started with MLS:
What is Machine Learning Services (MLS)?
Install Machine Learning Services for R
Enable script execution in SQL Server
Write your first R script
R data types

2. Write R Scripts for SQL Server:
Variables in R
Import a data set from SQL Server
Query data into an R data frame
Output data to a result set
Select values from a data frame
Create a data frame from vectors
Subset a data frame
Challenge: Import data
Solution: Import data

3. Create a SQL Stored Procedure:
Sample a data set
Parameterize a stored procedure
Challenge: Write a stored procedure
Solution: Write a stored procedure

4. Output Graphics with R:
View installed packages
Produce graphs and plots
Create a bar plot
Challenge: Create a pie chart
Solution: Create a pie chart

5. Create an External Data Science Client:
Install MLS on a standalone server
Add development tools to a client
Install and configure RStudio

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