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lynda SQL Server Database Triggers

Video Introducing this tutorial

Automate SQL Server with triggers
What you should know
Make the most of the exercise files

1. Trigger Fundamentals:
What are SQL Server triggers?
Two triggers types: INSTEAD OF and AFTER
Create a trigger to print a message
Timestamp a table modification
Firing INSTEAD OF triggers
Challenge: Create a trigger
Solution: Create a trigger

2. Work with Modified Data:
Read values modified by a trigger
Using the inserted logical table
Using the deleted logical table

3. Database- and Server-Level Triggers:
Triggers on CREATE, ALTER, or DROP
Rollback database modifications
Reading the EVENTDATA() XML
Writing data from the EVENTDATA() function
Challenge: Create a DDL trigger
Solution: Create a DDL trigger

4. Trigger Management:
View all triggers in a database
Enable and disable triggers
Disable nested triggers
Recursive triggers
Reorder trigger execution

5. Project: Managing Inventory:
Creating triggers to maintain inventory
Counting shipments received
Subtract items sold
Reorder items when low

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