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SQL Server 2014: Installation and Administration

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files

1. Installing SQL Server 2014
Planning your installation: Part 1
Planning your installation: Part 2
Planning your installation: Part 3
Installing SQL Server 2014: Part 1
Installing SQL Server 2014: Part 2

2. Learning the SQL Server Tools
Using SQL Server Management Studio
Downloading, installing, and using SQL Server Data Tools
Exploring PowerShell for SQL Server
Using the sqlcmd utility

3. Understanding Data Storage
Introducing data storage
Managing the system databases
Managing the user databases

4. Automating Maintenance of SQL Server
Introducing maintenance plans
Automating with SQL Server Agent

5. Implementing a Backup Plan
Developing a backup plan
Understanding recovery models
Performing and managing backups
Performing and managing recovery

6. Importing and Exporting Data
Using the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard
Working with the bcp utility

7. Indexing the Databases
Using indexes to improve query performance
Creating indexes
Understanding execution plans
Viewing execution plans
Using the Database Engine Tuning Advisor

8. Monitoring SQL Server
Examining the Actvity Monitor
Data collection and management data warehouse
Using Performance Monitor
Examining Extended Events
View the Extended Events Wizard

9. Understanding SQL Server Security
Exploring SQL Server security and roles
Viewing server and database-level security
Using database permissions
Auditing data access

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