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lynda Spring: Spring MVC

Video Introducing this tutorial

Spring MVC for robust applications
What you should know
Exercise files and the demo app

1. Getting Started and Project Setup:
Why use Spring MVC?
Features of Spring MVC
Spring MVC architecture
Create Maven Spring MVC project
Add folders and static files
Java configuration for Spring MVC
Add controllers and test the application
Generate Spring MVC project with Spring Boot
Add static files and view resolver
Add controllers and test the application

2. Implementing Controller Flows:
Basic annotations for controllers
Create a controller with request mapping
@RequestParam in Controller
Add database code
Access data from Model
@ModelAttribute: Add JSP pages
@ModelAttribute: Access model attributes on JSP
@ModelAttribute: Add Spring form tag library
Test the application

3. Data Validation and Binding:
Validating data in models
Add validations to user bean
Spring tags for errors
Localizing error messages
Binders overview
Binders demo
Convertors overview
Convertors demo

4. Exception Handling:
DispatcherServlet and special bean types
Exception flow handler implementations
Custom error page and Login controller
Add method for selecting a user
Add exception handler in Controller
Global exception handler for application
Default model attributes using @ControllerAdvice

5. Async Request Processing:
Conventional HTTP request processing
Spring MVC async processing under the hood
Async configuration
Return callable in Controller
DeferredResult implementation for async

6. View Resolvers:
What are view resolvers?
Using XmlViewResolver
Using ResourceBundleViewResolver
Chaining view resolvers
Chaining view resolvers demo

7. Interceptors and Themes:
Introduction to interceptors
Built-in and custom interceptors
Add interceptor class
Register interceptors
Request and session attributes
Save and get SessionAttributes demo
Test session flow and implement forwarding
End HttpSession
Redirecting outside an application
Introduction to themes
Define themes and theme resolver
Define ThemeChangeInterceptor
Pick themes on JSPs
Introduction to l10n and i18n
Automatic locale resolution demo
CookieLocaleResolver and interceptor for l10n and i18n

8. Spring MVC REST Controllers:
RESTful services recap
Use @Controller and @ResponseBody
Use @RequestController and @ResponseEntity
Use @PathVariable and @RequestParam to get request payload
Use @RequestBody and @ResponseEntity
Use @ExceptionHandler
Testing the @ExceptionHandler with the @ResponseEntity
MVC vs. REST controllers

Next steps